Our Cause

Since our inception, the Auxiliary has raised more than $10 million dollars supporting needs and initiatives for our hospitals. The Auxiliary collaborates with Northwestern Memorial Foundation leadership as well as the West Region leadership to identify priority healthcare needs within our communities. The Auxiliary Board then selects key initiatives to fund. Partnerships with Auxiliary members, individual donors, local businesses and organizations are a large part of our fundraising success.

The Auxiliary fundraises through many different resources and all revenue goes directly to the Auxiliary. Our initiatives include: a spring fundraising event, revenue from Hospital gift shops a variety of events held within the hospitals.

2019 Initiatives

The Auxiliary’s 2019 fundraising focus will be two-fold:
  • 1 Provide the final installment of our $1.2 million pledge to the Ronald McDonald House® near Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield
  • 2 Grant scholarships to area students pursuing health care careers
Meet some of our scholars!

Past Initiatives

Our Legacy of Accomplishments
  • 1 Auxiliary Scholarships Program: $1 million granted to students pursuing health care careers
  • 2 The Ronald McDonald House®: pledged $1.2 million for the capital campaign
  • 3 Living Well Cancer Resource Center: pledged $500,000
  • 4 Douglas L. Johnson Endowed Chair for Neurosciences Award: pledged $450,000
  • 5 Homecare Physicians Group, who provide care for homebound patients: raised start up funds and provides ongoing support
  • 6 Northwestern Medicine Behavioral Health Services: raised funds to support the purchase of supplies and equipment
  • 7 Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage and Delnor SIM Lab: raised funds to support the purchase of 3D printer

Four Ways You Can Be Involved


Become a cause-driven Auxiliary Member.


Your contribution will help people who need quality, innovative health care.


Stop by our hospital gift shops.


Tell others about the Auxiliary’s events and initiatives.


The Auxiliary of Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage and Delnor Hospitals
0S050 Winfield Road, Suite 200
Winfield, Illinois 60190
Email: cdh.delnorauxiliary@nm.org

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